Doors by Celegon

In the confined spaces of modern houses even a door swing can be an uncomfortable space. The problem is often solved by using sliding doors that move within hidden counterframes. This type of doors, however, involves problems, because the movement of the slide shutter is not always handy and also to install it, you need to do some masonry work.

Ergon ® is a rototraslating opening system patended by Celegon, which reduces by 60% the size of the door opening. Through the pushing motion of a hinged door, the door is flanked by the wall with a smooth and quiet mouvement, and it can be pushed or pulled by whichever side you are.

This allows you to make small rooms accessible and it solves the conflict between adjacent doors. Moreover, the mechanism of pushing on both sides means that a person forced to move in a wheelchair, has a chance to get easily in and out . So these doors are not an architectural barrier for people with disabilitie and are ideal as hospital doors too.