High pressure water cutter

A water jet cutter is a piece of equipment that is very effective in cutting some forms of metal and other rocks such as granite. The idea has been used for a very long time and has become more and more developed as technology has allowed not only water to be used in the process of cutting but also abrasive materials placed in the water and shot out at speed helping the cutting process.

The technique is currently used in a range of industries. Even NASA has used this process for building their space shuttles. A water jet cutter machine can operate in numerous situations for cutting, shaping, moulding, carving and hole making. The machine works in a simple overview by pressurised water being jetted towards a material in an accurate consistent flow. Technological advances in this process have allowed the machines to add abrasive materials to the water adding to their effectiveness. A problem now overcome with abrasive pieces added to the water was the material of the cutter’s tube. A ceramic tungsten carbide composite is used which can withstand the pressure and allows the cutter to function properly.

The benefits for these types of cutters are enormous. The way in which they cut is erosion instead of friction like conventional cutters makes the cut surface extremely smooth and precise. The friction created in traditional cutters by the saw pieces generates a lot of heat that can affect the material’s structural integrity. Water jet cutters do not create heat therefore do not have this problem.
The costs associated with the use of this cutter in industrial settings is reduced because of the many ways it can be used, for example; The cutting piece does not have to be changed as there is none and the cutter is controlled by a computer which allows any changes in the cutting path to be changed in a couple of minutes. Any shapes can be cut through importing stencils or simply scanning a shape and entering it into the system. There are numerous Italian companies that make water jet cutters. Your business can benefit from one of these cutters and the results can be seen in reduced costs and less time wasted in comparison to you traditional cutting machine.