Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves are devices that can intercept and distribute a flow of compressed air or oil (direction control), or able to adjust it (flow control).

There are different types of valves, among which:

Flow control valves

Pressure control valves

Check valves


Flow control valves regulate the amount of fluid (flow) through the unity of time. They can be flow dividers, priority, pressure compensated flow regulators or needle valves.

Pressure control valves can be relief valves, pressure reducing valves, sequence valve and high-low pressure, relief and unloading valves. Pressure relief valves are generally used as safety valves, since they can prevent the operating pressure to exceed the maximum threshold acceptable, while sequence valves allow fluid to flow only when reaching a certain value of pressure.

Check valves are used to block a double or single effect cylinder. They can be pilot operated check valves, shuttle valves and hose burst valves .



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