Industrial Concrete polishers

There are a growing number of designers and architects using polished concrete as a useful and aesthetic addition to both commercial and private interiors. The technique used in polishing concrete is becoming easier as machines are improving with both speed and quality. New machines are able to cover more space in less time thanks to automated polishing over larger surfaces. Computer generated positioning systems are able to determine the whereabouts and speed of the larger industrial polishers which enable the user to simply supervise instead of directly control the concrete polisher. The range of machines available allow for constructers to use the right size polisher for the right job. Vehicles with up to three polishers attached make polishing vast floors even easier. The user is comforted with a cabin decked out in the latest technology to make controlling the machine very easy. Raising the grinding heads is as simple as pressing a button and therefore the polisher machines can be transported with ease. Improved suction systems are very common within all industrial polisher machines as the concrete waste gets efficiently cleaned from the floor.
The vibrations that the machines create have now even been dampened to give the driver/user maximum control and comfort. This enables prolonged use and maximises safety.

Under the grinding head that polishes the floor developments in the placement of the various grinders have improved the balance of the machine. It is common to have a symmetrical grinding formation underneath each grinder. One of the greatest costs for polishing concrete along with the machines is the replacement of the grinding heads. Improvements in their production now save on maintenance costs and longer life of each grinder head.

Users are able to choose between sit on polishers, automated radio-controlled polishers or hand controlled polishers to finish their job. By using a remote control the user can observe the polished floor easier and make sure the heads are grinding to satisfaction. Usually the remote controls are attached to a waste belt and therefore do not need to be carried which can also make it easier for the user to old other instruments such as telephones and laser measurers. There is no doubt that being able to free both hands while using a concrete polisher is a huge advantage and can improve efficiency.