Industrial laundry systems

Industrial laundries offer laundry services to hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, allowing them to always have all the linens needed for their work, perfectly ironed and clean.
Restaurants are provided with napkins and tablecloths of various sizes and colors, special tablecloths for banquets and ceremonies for the table, uniforms and aprons for the kitchen, : towels, tablecloths and carpets for conference halls.
For hotels and spa they can supply double and single bed linen, pillowcases, bedspreads and rugs, cotton bathrobes and bath towels.
Many industrial laundries usually offer a rental service of all laundry equipment, and sometimes they also provide custom linen.

This is what can be found in an industrial laundry:

Washing and drying machines: the type of washing depends on the textile material

Ironing machines: ironing is obtained through rotating rollers.

Sorting machines: to optimise the continuous batch washer work cycles


Counting machines: to constantly monitor the linen stored on the clients' premises

Storage system: to optimise space management thanks to overhead and aerial storage tools


Shipment and Packing line: through conveyor systems

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