Machine Tools

The widespread use of Machine Tools begun during the Industrial Revolution: until then in fact material processing had been handmade, using ancient tools, such as chisels, hammers, planes, files, awls. There were only a few machines which were operated by a person, animals, water or wind.

Modern machine tools are an evolution of those ancient tools: they use electricity, they can work nonstop, they permit to work rapidly and with a greater precision and to produce identical mass-produced pieces, with considerable savings of time and energy.

Lathe is the most common machine tools: it allows to obtain forms of rotation of circular cross section; the workpiece is rotated on its axis while the tool tip comes up and removes chips of material.


As for machine tools used for metal processing, typical machines are: laser , plasma and waterjet cutting machines, presses, panel benders, punching tools, bending and shearing machines.

Due to their spread use,nowadays it's easy to find also used machine tools for sale in the web, at lower prices, in good conditions, that can help saving even much money

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