Plastic Moulding

Plastic is an organic substance such as wood, paper, wool.
It comes from natural resources: coal, common salt, oil and gas.
Plastic has been relegated for a long time to the secondary role of a material that imitates other materials before rising from poor harbinger of consumerism to an icon in the avant-garde architecture and design.
What is the plastics molding?
The molding of plastics using the injection technique consists in injectinginto the mold the plastic polymer made pasty or fluid, depending on the selected type of resin, by the elements that make the plastic-coating barrel.
Then the piece is cooled and, once solidified, removed from the mold.
The technology applied to plastics has never stopped, as well as the production process of recycling. The search for new materials provides companies with huge opportunities for developers to give new features to the product without affecting the production lines. For example, in the molding of the handle of a pot you can take action by changing the ingredients of the plastic in order to optimize the ability to grip, the strength, the heat and the resistance without changing its shape.